Fisherman's Life

Survival is one way of avoiding or coping bad situation and condition. As of now there are 80% of poor people who are now suffering from what we called poverty.But still they have ways on how to overcome poverty and they are always looking for survival. They have different ways on how to earn money, how to find foods for family even though this is not enough to be called stable life. The only occupation that we have are fisherman and farmers, in our community this occupation mostly the poor people have like us.

I wanna share with you the story of our life as a fisher man,This is my husband name Roberto Cayao. We are one of the survival people from poverty, but its not the hindrance to commit success. We live in a place where only few people can be called having a good life, we are belong to a low class in our community. The only thing that help us to hold on our faith is our God, with God nothing is impossible. Well back to the story, we survive through fishing using our boat, nets and fishing knot. Men usually go for fishing.

They are called fisherman, they spent half of their days and nights on the water searching for a good spot to have a nice catch.We often called fisherman as"mananagat" means working on the sea. Fishing is not that easy to think and to do, there are lots of challenge along the way before you can have a good catch, you need to know different ways of fishing in order for you to have a good catch. In fishing there are also legal and illegal, Illegal where its not allowed in our society but some people still doing it for them its their way to have more fish to catch. Because of poverty people didn't think for what is good and what is bad, for them the only thing is to have a food for their family and survive from poverty. Life of a fisherman is not that easy, there are struggle and challenges came along their way, there's pain,stress and sometimes they got sick for not sleeping all night. It is one of the risky occupation, there are some fisherman lost their life for not taking care of thier jobs. Along fishing they encounter waves that sometimes bigger than our boats, sometimes they lost the direction to their way home and the only guide they have is the stars at night. Fishing is not a daily job, we sometimes check the weather and climate iether its good for fishing or not. There are nights that got zero, it means no catch. They go home with a sad faces,they knew that their family waiting for them, expecting for foods that they can bring home but its a life, we are leaving in a hope to have successfull tomorrow. But in my situation all tommorows are failure only God knows what he need, and he knew what he think off.

This is our boat, its very important for us, its our resting place on sea. This is our transportation from dry land to the vast area of ocean. This is what we called pumpboat, it operates by motor and it travels 30- 40 KMH. Without it we cant do fishing or else we used smaller and not operated by motor. We used paddle to move to our distination.

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